All you need to know about Abhiraj Bhal UrbanClap / Urban Company CEO & founder

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This blog talks about UrbanClap’s CEO (Now known as Urban Company); Abhiraj Bhal’s net worth, biography education, Wikipedia, social media presence, and more.

Who is Abhiraj Bhal?

So how did Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan & Raghav Chandra come up with the idea of UrbanClap which is now known as Urban Company?

What is Urban Company (formerly known as UrbanClap)?

How does Urban Company work?

Role of CEO Abhiraj Bhal at UrbanClap / Urban Company.

Abhiraj Bhal’s Wikipedia and social media presence –

Abhiraj Bhal’s net worth –

His personal life –



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