UrbanClap CEO Abhiraj Bhal Emailed him(Now known as Urban Company CEO)

Nitesh Viswanathan
4 min readJan 4, 2021


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Abhiraj Bhal Co-founder and CEO of Urban Clap (Now known as Urban Company) had emailed Saikat Pyne a journalist at Business Insider India. Here’s what the journalist had to say when Abhiraj Bhal emailed him.

About Abhiraj Bhal, UrbanClap CEO & Founder–

Abhiraj Singh Bhal is the Founder and CEO of UrbanClap. UrbanClap was rebranded to Urban Company in early 2020.

Abhiraj Bhal, an engineer from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management — Ahmedabad (IIM-A) after completing a stint as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, Singapore (BCG) for 3 years along with his batchmate from IIT-K, Varun Khaitan from BCG America, and Raghav Chandra a graduate from the University of California Berkeley all 3 co-founded UrbanClap in November 2014.

UrbanClap/ Urban Company is now Asia’s largest home services platform. Urban Company’s CEO and Co-founders have led the company to global success with a presence in several cities across UAE, India, Singapore, and Australia.

It allows customers to book services like beauty, massage therapies, cleaning, plumbing, appliance repairs, painting, and more from the comfort of their homes. The platform bridges the gap between reliable and professional service providers with the customer who seek quality services from their homes.

When Urban Company/UrbanClap CEO Emailed

Saikat had received an Email from Abhiraj Bhal CEO of UrbanClap (now Urban Company) and the subject was ‘Hi from Abhiraj, Co-founder at UrbanClap!’ Noticing this the journalist was suspicious that whether this mail was about some negative coverage Abhiraj might have received, but it wasn’t the case as the journalist did not remember mentioning Abhiraj in his articles.

After opening Abhiraj Bhal’s Email, the journalist realized it was just a part of a personalized email marketing campaign that the UrbanClap CEO’s team might have run that all their subscribers could have received.

The journalist then compares how email marketing campaigns were utilized by new-age Indian companies and how few Indian start-ups were running personalized email marketing campaigns.

abhiraj bhal email/ urbanclap CEO email blog image
abhiraj bhal email/ UrbanClap CEO email blog image

He then compared UrbanClap CEO Abhiraj Bhal’s email to that of other Quirky Indian start-ups like Happily Unmarried and Bewakoof.com.

Bigger corporations like Airtel and their customers had been privy to mails from Airtel’s CEO Gopal Vittal. They had sent out a mail the previous year explaining the call drop phenomenon.

Similarly recollecting other such personalized or quirky emails that he had received from Treehouse’s founder Ryan. Those emails were sent from Ryan’s email address and their content was always personalized, subject lines were creative. And on replying, people got a prompt response from Ryan.

The journalist then explains in his article that adding a personal element to marketing emails help. Because the target audience may not like being marketed to.

The latest email marketing tools allowed users to add tags in the email body that enabled the email marketing tool to automatically fetch and replace that tag with the recipient’s name from the pre-made email contact list when the email is sent out. He then describes that this could be similar to what was done in UrbanClap CEO‘s email that he had received from Abhiraj Bhal, Urban Company CEO.

In a day when people’s attention spans are going down rapidly. It’s harder for marketers and companies like Urban Company to grab their target audience’s attention via Abhiraj Bhal’s email.

According to an A/B test conducted by Hubspot emails sent by a real person in the sender name do have an impact on open rates. Means such emails like UrbanClap CEO Abhiraj Bhal’s email were more likely to be clicked than emails sent from a company’s name.

abhiraj bhal email / urbanclap ceo email — hubspot email ctr study image
abhiraj bhal email / UrbanClap CEO email — Hubspot email ctr study image

This practice presented itself as an opportunity for marketers to use such marketing automation techniques and make their emails more conversational.

The journalist further adds in his article that if marketing automation tools were used to the fullest they could be a tool that drives most engagement and eyeballs to the digital properties of businesses by listening about different customer segments their unique needs and then talking about them via targeted conversational as well as personalized emails like Abhiraj Bhal’s email.